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2021.12.06 - Virtual Y Updates and Enhancements

We are happy to announce that next week we are bringing you the latest round of updates and bug fixes on Virtual Y as part of our Virtual Y 0.13 Release

  • Update Virtual Y to Open Y's 1.5.2 release with all related fixes and patches

  • Apply Drupal security updates for CSS

  • Bug fix for sites using Personify authentication - no more false error message upon login

  • Enable the new Content API Module

  • Removed the User Account menu from the mobile versions of sites themed with either Carnation and Rose

  • Apply a security updates for the Administrative tool bar, and for webform modules

  • Bug fix for an issue caused by the Daylight Saving Time change

See more information from Open Y on the 1.5.2 release.

Update Schedule 

Live Sites 

We will be performing rolling updates to the following LIVE Virtual Y sites on the following schedule. 

Monday, December 6, 2021: 9 PM to 4 AM CST 

  • Family YMCA at Tarrytown 

  • YMCA of the Triangle Area 

  • MetroWest YMCA Inc. 

  • Olympic Peninsula YMCA 

  • Valley of the Sun YMCA

  • Hamilton Area YMCA 

  • YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City 

  • YMCA of Portage Township 

  • The YMCA of the Golden Crescent Inc. 

  • The West Cook YMCAs 

  • Rocky Mount Family YMCA Inc. 

  • YMCA of Greater Nashua 

  • YMCA of Anchorage Alaska 

  • Tillamook County Family YMCA 

  • YMCA Buffalo Niagara 

  • YMCA of Frederick County MD Inc. 

  • Sonoma County Family YMCA 

  • YMCA of Northwest Florida 

  • YMCA of Southwest Florida

  • Eugene Family YMCA 

Tuesday, December 7, 2021: 9PM to 4 AM CST 

  • YMCA of Greater Louisville 

  • YMCA of Southern Nevada 

  • South Sound YMCA 

  • Mount Desert Island YMCA 

  • YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth 

  • YMCA of the Iowa Mississippi Valley 

  • Concord Family YMCA 

  • YMCA of Greater Cleveland 

  • Union County Family YMCA 

  • Lake County YMCA 

  • South Shore YMCA 

  • Missouri Valley Family YMCA 

  • Southington-Cheshire Community YMCAs Inc. 

  • YMCA of Rye NY 

  • Ann Arbor YMCA 

  • Bloomington-Normal YMCA 

  • YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg  

  • YMCA of Greater Michiana 

  • Tuscarawas County YMCA 

  • Central Lincoln County YMCA 

  • Stateline Family YMCA of Beloit, Inc. 

  • YMCA of South Florida, Inc 

  • YMCA of the East Valley 

  • Kenosha YMCA 

  • YMCA of Madison NJ 

  • Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges 

  • Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA 

  • YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh

Wednesday, December 8, 2021: 9PM to 4 AM CST 

  • Gaston County Family YMCA 

  • Hornell Area Family YMCA  

  • YMCA Southcoast 

  • YMCA of Greensboro 

  • Southern District YMCA 

  • North Penn YMCA 

  • Green County Family YMCA 

  • YMCA of the Greater Tri Valley 

  • Boothbay Region YMCA 

  • Beaufort-Jasper YMCA of the Lowcountry 

  • Kentucky YMCA Youth Association 

  • YMCA of South Hampton Roads 

  • Kennebec Valley YMCA 

  • Great Miami Valley YMCA 

  • YMCA of Greater Cincinnati 

  • YMCA of Greater Indianapolis 

  • Jamestown YMCA 

  • Butler County Family YMCA 

  • YMCA of the Chippewa Valley 

  • YMCA of Ashland 

  • Bangor YMCA

  • YMCA of Dane County 

  • Saratoga Regional YMCA 

  • YMCA of Owensboro Daviess County 

  • Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA 

  • North Suburban YMCA 

Thursday, December 9, 2021: 9PM to 4 AM CST 

  • YMCA of Darien Community 

  • YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne 

  • Greater Peoria Family YMCA 

  • Lakeland Hills Family YMCA 

  • Athol YMCA 

  • Santa Maria Valley YMCA 

  • Sterling-Rock Falls Family YMCA 

  • Family YMCA of Marion and Polk Counties 

  • Mattoon Area Family YMCA 

  • Santa Monica Family YMCA 

  • YMCA of Capital District 

  • YMCA of Martha's Vineyard 

  • Manatee County Family YMCA 

  • Dixon Family YMCA 

  • Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA 

  • Auburn-Lewiston YMCA 

  • St. Cloud Area Family YMCA 

  • Sewickley Valley YMCA 

  • YMCA of Silicon Valley 

  • Shasta County YMCA 

Onboarded Sites 

We will be performing rolling updates to the following Virtual Y sites still in the onboarding process on the following schedule. 

Monday, December 6, 2021: 9 AM to 4 PM CST 

  • Greater Wyoming Valley Area YMCA

  • Manitowoc-Two Rivers Area YMCA

  • YMCA of the Upper Pee Dee

  • YMCA of Middletown NY

  • Gallatin Valley YMCA, Inc

  • YMCA of Greater Waukesha County

  • YMCA of Greenwich Inc.

  • Fond Du Lac Family YMCA

  • YMCA of West Central Illinois

  • YMCA of Yonkers Inc.

  • York & York County YMCA

  • Alamance County Community YMCA

  • Golden Corridor Family YMCA

Tuesday, December 7, 2021: 9 AM to 4 PM CST 

  • Wabash County YMCA

  • Somerset County YMCA

  • YMCA of Rapid City South Dakota

  • Pawtucket & Central Falls Metro Bd. YMCA

  • Decatur Family YMCA

  • YMCA of the Capital Area

  • YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago

  • Door County YMCA

  • YMCA of Abilene Texas

  • YMCA of Orange County

  • Jackson YMCA Inc.

  • YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo

  • Channel Islands YMCA

  • Kandiyohi County Area Family YMCA

Wednesday, December 8, 2021: 9 AM to 4 PM CST 

  • Indiana County YMCA

  • YMCA of Glendale

  • Central Florida Metro YMCA

  • YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg

  • Palm Beaches Metropolitan YMCA

  • Rome-Floyd County YMCA

  • YMCA of Dubuque Iowa

  • Kishwaukee Family YMCA Inc.

  • Decatur Shelby County Family YMCA Inc.

  • Parkview Huntington Family YMCA

  • YMCA of Metro North, Inc.

  • YMCA of Greater El Paso TX & Rio Grande Valley

  • Brainerd Family YMCA Inc.

  • River Valley Regional YMCA

  • McGaw YMCA

  • Shawnee Family YMCA

  • YMCA of Muncie Indiana Inc.

  • YMCA of Metropolitan Denver

  • Lawrence County YMCA

  • YMCA of Wichita Falls

  • Sheridan County YMCA

  • Cadillac Area YMCA

  • YMCA of Madison County Inc.

Thursday, December 9, 2021: 9 AM to 4 PM CST 

  • Volusia/Flagler Family YMCA

  • Maui Family YMCA

  • Alexandria Area YMCA

  • YMCA of Montclair

  • Princeton Family YMCA

  • The Denny Price Family YMCA of Enid, Oklahoma

  • YMCA of Pulaski County, Inc.

  • Dickson County Family YMCA

  • Meadville YMCA

  • YMCA of Ottumwa Iowa

  • YMCA of Lima Ohio

  • Smithfield YMCA

  • YMCA of Greater Toledo

  • Geneva Family YMCA

  • Clinton County Family YMCA

Questions, Comments, Concerns? 

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